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Transcription and pronunciation of the word " particularly" in British and American variants. Detailed translation and examples.
particularly / especially, extremely, most
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[ pəˈtɪkjələli ]
[ pərˈtɪkjələrli ]
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  • adverb

    • to a higher degree than is usual or average.

      I don't particularly want to be reminded of that time

    • so as to give special emphasis to a point; specifically.

      he particularly asked that I should help you


  • it's not bad, but not White Zee Black Danielle Women's Sneaker Alexis particularly interesting either

  • They are no strangers to excellence, particularly in the field of Rugby League.

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  • This is often quite a difficult circle to break, particularly with the younger children.

  • It was terrifying making such a big commitment, particularlyGrand Black Suede Sneaker Ii white Cole Crosscourt Haan Women's TYwnqEP with planning it for so long.

  • Some things are a lot better but quite a lot is worse, particularly the influence of politics.

  • A notable feature of unemployment is that it particularly affects young people.

  • She said the situation was particularly awful for patients and their families.

  • If you look at the scores, particularly away from home, these sort of results are quite possible.

  • It is particularly bad news for the Green Party, who are usually well supported by the student body.

  • Two gala nights are coming up when I'll be able to introduce some particularly sparky music.

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